Who is Phyllis Lane?

Phyllis Lane is international photographer, artist, lifestyle (role) model, author, entrepreneur, teacher, intuitive guide, creative coach and life mentor who insists that trusting your intuition is the key to living an amazing (#FYEAH) life.  After selling her last company, Couture Book, she turned around and created her own online boutique, SOULinkstyle, from her intuitive ink drawings, while photographing celebrity magazine covers, releasing a new book on Amazon, and doing soul sessions for clients world wide. She is known for her infectious energy, intuitive abilities, cutting edge creativity and joy for life.

She has been in the creative field, and known as a ‘creative’ in one form or another, after graduating high school at 16 years, and intending on going to Juliard School of music for classical piano but got side tracked into being a fashion model, signing with Ford Models NYC, landing  a YM magazine cover, working for CoverGirl cosmetics and then traveling to over 25 countries before she was 25.

She bought her first Nikon FE2 when she was in Tokyo and started photographing street life, travel and documentary photography. After photographing a couple model roommates, an agency in Sydney asked her to photograph their entire mens division and soon there after got into shooting fashion. Now over twenty years, a professional photographer to date, working for top companies such as Starbucks, Harvest Snap, United Way, Kuhl, O Magazine, celebrity magazine covers, life style catalogs, weddings. journalism, and nature, her passion for photography is the same when she first picked up her first camera. She has been called a #spirittracker, which is someone who is able to see the Essence in all things.

She is the author of two books, 10000 Hours You Become What You Practice, Surrender to the Flow which is about personal and creative growth, intutive awakening, and grounded transformational wisdom.

Because of her unique gifts, multiple talents and her ability to truly see, she is sought after not only as a photographer, but as an intuitive life style medicine coach/ mentor, doing what she calls ‘soul sessions’, helping both individuals and companies to help create a new vision, and abilities to perform at optimal levels of awareness and empowerment. She has been a intuitive mentor for over two decades, through word of mouth referral, inspiring  a consciousness movement around the beliefs that the present moment is our greatest teacher and we are here to evolve, create, tune in and awaken to our highest potential, becoming a creative channel for Divine Flow and fun!

Phyllis’s extensive background as a natural born teacher and uplifting guide started as early as 12 years old where she started inspiring and teaching neighborhood kids piano and dance in her living room. She later continued creating creativity artist groups using spontaneous creativity, writing, music, dance, drawing to go beyond the thinking mind,  tap into the Flow, and un- learn whatever is in the way to the true source of creativity and wisdom.

Phyllis’s philanthropic work, led her to the creation of her short documentary film, Unleashing Creativity, where the traveled around the country filming different artist, creatives, athletes, such as Carlos Santana, Steve Nash, Steve McCurry, Gabrielle Roth, Julia Cameron, SARK and many others filming the importance of creativity, why it is important, and how it heals. Her film raised over 100K for the Free Arts of AZ, a non profit that using creativity to help homeless and underprivileged children.

Her journalism photography has featured United Way, Educare, Portraits of Opportunity, Cass Homeless Shelter and Wildlife Project.


Phyllis is an avid traveler, loves being creative, following her curiosity, being outside in nature, all animals, drinking green tea over inspirational conversation, reading good books and inspiring others to live life to the fullest. In her spare time she is dancing, practicing piano, drawing, reading, photographing fashion, doing yoga, petting her cute little pug, learning the latest brain science or sitting in silence.



 This moment. This infinity light shining forth. Pure energy in motion. Beyond labels, identities, titles, credentials, body, persona, ego, stories…. I am just this…. Flow.

Photographer     www.phyllislane.com  

Artist Entrepreneur  www.soulinkstyle.com

Fashion Life Style Model  represented  www.fordrba.com

Mentor   Creativity Coach Life Mentor

Author   Surrender To The Flow

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice Workbook

The Garden of Your Life Workbook

Nature is Medicine