Who is Phyllis Lane?

Phyllis Lane is an artist, photographer, life style model, author, entrepreneur, creative coach and life mentor who insists that trusting your intuition is the key to living an amazing (#FYEAH) life.  Being an artist and entrepreneur for over 20 years, after selling her last company, she followed her inner promptings and turned around and created her own online boutique from her intuitive ink drawings.  You can find her photographing celebrity magazine covers, creating art, leading wellness creative retreats and mentoring clients.  She is known for her infectious energy, intuitive abilities, cutting edge creativity and joy for life.

She has been in the creative field, and known as a ‘creative’ in one form or another, after graduating high school at 16 years, and intending on going to Juliard School of music for classical piano but got side tracked into being NYC FORD fashion model,  and traveling to over 25 countries before she was 25.

She bought her first Nikon FE2 when she was in Tokyo and started photographing street life, travel and documentary photography.  Soon there  after got into shooting fashion. Now over twenty years, a professional photographer to date, working for top companies such as Starbucks to O Magazine, celebrity magazine covers, life style branding to  weddings, journalism, and nature. Her passion for photography is the same when she first picked up her first camera.

She is the author of two books, 10000 Hours You Become What You Practice, Surrender to the Flow and workbooks to inspire others to cultivate their own creativity and daily embodied practices that create awareness and energy. Her latest, Energy Medicine and the Alchemy of Creativity will be coming out 2021.

Phyllis’s extensive background as a natural born teacher and uplifting guide started as early as 12 years old where she started inspiring and teaching neighborhood kids piano and dance in her living room. She later continued creating her own form of “Artist Way’ groups using different forms of spontaneous creativity with  writing, music, dancing, drawing and improv, with the intention to go beyond the thinking mind, and tap into the Flow.   She has always been interested in studies of practical wisdom, creativity and energy, and is known to walk her own path, finding her way through the forest that has no trail. With over a decade working one on one mentoring, helping individuals and companies to do the same, she has led creativity groups and  Flow Retreats, where she began to weave these intuitive abilities, not only through the art of photography, but with her coaching clients as well.

She believes you have to live by example, teach what you live and share what you know by heart.

Along with her own practices, she has trained and become certified from some of the best in the field.

In 2020,  became a certified integrative energy practitioner with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, teacher, author, shaman, learning the latest in energy medicine, integrative nutrition, biology, and neuroscience.

 She is also 2020 certified HeartMath Mentor from the HeartMath Institute.

Phyllis’s philanthropic work, led her to the creation of her short documentary film, Unleashing Creativity, where the traveled around the country filming different artist, athletes, creatives, such as Carlos Santana, Steve Nash, Steve McCurry, Gabrielle Roth, Julia Cameron, SARK and many others filming the importance of creativity, why it is important, and how it heals. Her film raised over 100K for the Free Arts of AZ, a non profit that using creativity to help homeless and underprivileged children.

Her journalism photography has featured United Way, Educare, Portraits of Opportunity, Cass Homeless Shelter and Wildlife Project.


Phyllis is an avid student, always learning something new, usually hanging out in nature hugging a cactus, or activating her super powers: creativity and intuition, she is guided by her curiousity, loves everything green,-green tea, green juices and green trees, deep conversation, wisdom books of all kinds, loves studying about epigenetics, mitochondrial cells and turning on bliss molecules.

In her spare time you can find her outside in nature, dancing, running wildly through the mountain, practicing piano, drawing, reading, photographing a fashion model or a grasshopper, doing yoga, hugging her cute little pug, learning the latest brain science or sitting in silence.



 This moment. This infinity light shining forth. Pure energy in motion. Beyond labels, identities, titles, credentials, body, persona, ego, stories…. I am nothing. just this….Silence. Stillness. Invisibility….. Flow… flowing….. “flow flow your boat gently down a stream…. merrily merrily merrily…life is but a dream”


Artist Entrepreneur

Mentor   Creativity Coach Life Mentor

Author   Surrender To The Flow

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice Workbook

The Garden of Your Life Workbook

Nature is Medicine

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