my first paintings…flash back

I started painting in my 20s. I randomly picked up some water colors from the art store…went  home, sat down and just allowed whatever wanted to come through. ….. I never had an art class and  but just started painting how I felt. And this painting below was my first painting…. it by passed my intellect- my thinking mind and went straight to my core – revealing my feelings …. at that moment. A lot of my paintings in the beginning seem to be dark, full of grief, sadness, rage, and emptiness. There were masks and shattered masks and breaking open. My art was a way for me to heal and connect … It was a return to the feeling life…. to my heart.   I began to paint myself back to life.  Honoring my darkness and celebrating my light.
After the “water color era” I moved in the “acrylic large canvas” period.
I again just allowed whatever wanted to come through … come through. And what started appearing is native american women. and earth tribe paintings. It was interesting because the native paintings just kept appearing…it is what wanted to come through.
Painting and drawing for me is a way to connect to my inner world, relax, heal, and transform. It truly is a meditation. After years of painting and selling my art.. I moved into doing ink drawings which are simpler and don’t take up as much space! But I really love the magic of creativity, how you can move into the moment, heal your darkness and began to channel inspirations!  My art isn’t perfect but it’s an expression…..and I am happy to get all those paintings out of storage and boxes and share them with you…….