smoke and mirrors

True love is not conditional or personal.

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” Anaiis Nin

When you have a lot of ‘samskaras’ or patterns in front of your eyes (your heart), you can’t seem to see your lover as she or he is, just a lot of smoke. You react to the patterns that are within you projecting onto the person instead of seeing this miraculous person who stands in front of you, a divine gift just for you..

Being ‘triggered’ by the happening outside of you, you place your past stories, judgements, expectations, your mental unconscious psyche, onto him or her, who appears to be your enemy, or doing something to you, the one who has triggered you,  causing you these strong emotional  upsets but they are just a mirror, showing you whats inside of you, the unresolved unconscious issues of mother or father, or an ex or some painful moment that you couldn’t integrate etc…. There’s an old saying if you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice, it doesn’t matter who squeezes. What’s in you,  is your responsible.

For the moment is blank and this person in front of you is just a mirror to show you to yourself. Don’t throw stones at a mirror but rather get on your knees in prayer and thank this person who has just shown you what’s in the way of love. It is truly your greatest gift to awaken to this deepest awareness. Relationships can be the highest spiritual practice.

When you see the other in a present, spacious way with no thoughts, judgements or needs, you have finally come home to you in the purest sense.

You are in love with the moment, with complete present awareness with out a past or future and you finally see your beloved as he or she truly is with no filters or smoke, with heart open and flowing passion, you merge and become love in the deepest sense. Then you truly real-eyes that presence is love, the truest love! I love you… free.