i love ewe


I love you…. unconditionally. That means…. whatever happens I love ewe. True love is acceptance.


Acceptance is recognizing the other person for who he or she is and being attentive to the circumstances of the relationship moment by moment. Commitment is a state in which one’s  partner knows she or he is embraced by you fully, even when there are disagreements.


To define unconditional love is to say that a person loves someone unselfishly, that he or she cares about the happiness of the other person, will do anything to hold the space of Presence and deep listening without expecting anything in return. In other words, the definition of unconditional love is “love without conditions.”




  1. Love yourself unconditionally. Unconditional love starts at home, with oneself. …
  2. Make the loving choice. …
  3. Forgive those you love. …
  4. Accept what is…. that means when your lover wants to leave… help him leave… Not out of spite but you want the best for your lover whatever he or she choses
  5. LOVE what is. End of story. Whatever happens… accept if as if the universe has delivered the greatest gift … whatever is happening! Unconditional means no conditions… trust in the Flow!
  6. Be present. All disagreements come from past stories and future fears. In the present, there is only Love.