I got this prescription from a Shamanic healer, and ecstatic dance teacher, Kate Shela when I attended a workshop with her in Costa Rica at a dance  retreat. I decided to attend her workshop called…Rising from the Ashes, on an intuitive urge after a huge loss of a relationship, a business partner and an ego identity of who I thought I was.

First day on the dance floor, she saw me in the corner and saw right through me. She took me aside and said, ” don’t get stuck in your grief”. She saw that I was consumed with my sadness which had kept me safe in a insulated cocoon. She wanted me to not get stuck there and whispered in my ear, ” Don’t get stuck in your grief… and  I want you to dance the hardest you have ever danced”.

And I did. Shedding the layers of my past like a snake all at once, all those stories that kept me drowning in  pool of sorrow and regret. Dancing the anger out of my bones into the deep sorrow of loss and betrayal. I poured my tears like a coffee, drinking into my bones and moving it like a sacred dance.  Later that evening she handed me a prescription.

Scribbled was this note ” follow and trust #FYEAH”

It was then and there, the beginning of a new and epic journey began for me.  Not knowing that one of the side of effects of this prescription, would be facing all of my inner fears that kept me stuck and stagnant. Following this hot expansive yes, #FYEAH” is trusting the feeling of following your joy, the intuitive gut instinct felt knowing that knows this is your fucking path.  You can absolutely trust it to guide you. The Way knows the way. It comes from a place beyond thinking. Your thinking mind is all stories from the past that keep you in a repeated loop. This isn an alive place beyond knowing. And it can be scary like sky diving, jumping out of plane hoping that you land alive. It is the Unknown. Nothing to hold onto. Just open your wings and let Life lift you to where you belong. Be moved.

And when I followed my Intuition it was like walking the edge of the Unknown. As soon as I would follow #FYEAH and take one step, it would bring up immediately what was in the way, all these deep seated fears, stories, belief systems, and past identities that would come into view. I shortly learned that when I got the #FYEAH urge, I would take one step in that direction, notice the mind holding on tightly (WWF feeling) that kept me stagnant in the past, I would just notice it and let it go.  And this part of me would die, fall away and a new part of me was be born.

And this was the beginning of my own legend..a ledge end I would come to find out. And as I mustered up all the courage I had, to book that ticket, spend that last dollar, to show up for that first date, to write that book, create this website, to face these fears…. it was this prescription that only a soul doctor could prescribe, and a courageous spirit could embrace, that would slowly bring me back to Life. It was the medicine that I needed to push me out of the nest, to get my wings flapping again so I could fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.