pathless path

What is the pathless path?

It is walking through the forest where there is no path.  It is not a well traveled path because it is uniquely your own path and your only guide is your inner wisdom, your intuition. This is the path of the artist or entrepreneur where there is no boss telling you what to do, or outside force telling you where to go.  Nothing and no-one on the outside can tell you which way to go because they are not on your path, you are. Even you can’t know where you are going, it is truly traveling the Unknown where your highest nature, your intuition is your guide. You might be someone who is hearing the call to follow their own path but is not sure how to go about it.

It can be very challenging and dangerous to navigate a pathless path unless you can sharpen your inner tools and insights that will guide you each step of the way.  For the Way knows the way, says the Tao. Sometimes it is good to  find a teacher who also travels the pathless path, they might have some true insights that help you on your journey and find ways to strengthen your intuitive muscles before embarking.

I say Intuitive guidance works like this: You are blind and you listen. It will move you to take just one small step. You listen and then take that one step and go back to listening….. to be moved to take the next inspired action….and so on.   Then you stop, listen, and step. repeat  If you are like most, sometimes you want to run ahead, not listening to the next step, this is where you will run into havoc because you can’t see where you are going and you are not listening to your inner guidance that does. Or you want to know where the path in the forest leads, you can’t know. This is very hard for the rational mind, because it wants know where it’s going, but this is where you surrender into not knowing, trusting that the higher part of you knows way more than the conditional  personal self.

So the way to navigate the pathless path:

  1. Go within and listen.
  2. Then take inspired action one small step
  3. Go with in and listen
  4. Then take one inspired action small step


You might ask, how do I know if it is my intuition guiding me and not my personal scared ego. As you dedicate to a daily practice, of going within and listening, you become aware of the noisy personal ego and it’s fearful contracted guidance, the noisy chatter mind, compared to the Intuitive inner knowing, that is underneath that noisy chatter and will usually come as a hunch, an expanded feeling or knowing, a sense of moving in a direction, an instinctual expanded feeling in the body. It can be subtle but that is why it is important to have a daily spiritual practice to awaken to the inner workings and guidance that completely necessary when traveling the pathless path. You can’t know how it’s all going to unfold. You only know the next step and by taking the step you are listening which is called Faith.

That is how to navigate the pathless path.  To practice using your intuition and moving in the Flow, I recommend reading my book SURRENDER TO THE FLOW and doing the daily exercises that help strengthen your intuition, inner gps that will help you on your journey.