Awaken your creativity in Amalfi, Italy

Explore creativity, inspiration, aliveness, passion, soul, photography, writing, drawing, intuition, inner wisdom in the ancient village that has inspired Renaissance artists and innovators throughout the ages — the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Grab your camera, your journal, your pens, and plan to join me on the creative adventure of a lifetime where we’ll create a new renaissance! Have you felt the call of stepping into a new direction or calling in life? Is something calling you to live life more fully–to discover your creative self, and the courage to let it out? To have more creativity, beauty, or aliveness? Do you need some passion or divine inspiration? Are you ready to learn how to follow your intuition and awaken your inner guidance? Isn’t it time to awaken from your slumber, to notice beauty?

Beauty is life, life is beautiful… Come join me and 6 others on this creative journey where we will discover the magic of wonder again, the depth of beauty, the passion of being alive… Come awaken your artist soul. Isn’t it time to see at its depth, and to express and share your originality with the world?

You will gain

  • A clearer connection to your inner guidance
  • New creative practices of inspiration for everyday life
  • Passion
  • Awakening of your artist soul
  • Hands on photography instruction if you so desire it
  • A surrendering to the flow
  • How to move from looking to seeing

one week in Amalfi

one week in Amalfi
5 days, at the ultra modern Casa Angelina hotel, a member of the Small Luxury Hotel group of the Amalfi-Coast. You will have a Romantic Sea View room which offers a lovely private balcony with table and chairs over looking the magnificent Mediterranean Sea, gazing at sunset.


Awaken. Discover. Integrate. Create. Connect. Flow.

Tap into intuitive guidance, surrender into the Flow and get back to feeling alive! Come explore your creativity, tap into Presence and awaken your Inner wisdom. Take time to nurture your soul in the peaceful tranquil Santa Catalina Mountains at the world class Miraval Resort and Spa.

Grab your camera, your journal, your pen and spend 4 days /3 nights in an intimate setting with artist, intuitive mentor Phyllis Lane on a soul nurturing playful adventure of a lifetime where we will explore our perceptions and inner realms using spontaneous creativity and tools to ignite our ignite our inner flame.  We will learn how to #spirttrack the moment and learn essential tools to tap into true seeing and inner navigation.

Have you felt the call of stepping into a new direction or calling in life? Is something calling you to live life more fully or more authentically – to discover your true purpose? To have more creativity, beauty or aliveness? Are you at a crossroad and ready to jump into your next adventure but not sure what that is? Are you ready to learn to really hear this whispers of your Intuition and awaken your inner guidance? isn’t it time to awaken from your routine and slumber and step back into your wholeness and vitality?

Come join me and 8 others on this spiritual adventure, where we will discover the magic of wonder and play again, reawakening the feeling life and trusting our inner wisdom.  Isn’t it time to awaken, discover and feel joy of just being alive!

  • 4 days/3 nights
  • Daily afternoon sessions together (2-3 hours)

Sessions include creativity in all it’s forms, tapping intuitive guidance, embodying felt presence- moving from head to heart, learning experientially about creating and living from Flow (based on my book Surrender to the Flow).

  • Dinner session discussions together
  • AM Miraval activities
  • 2 spa treatments  ( on your own)
  • Delicious healthy gourmet meals included
  • Quiet reflection and silent hike
  • Daily spontaneous creativity sessions: exploring creativity, intuition, finding our own path, voice and vision, tapping into the Flow
  • Beautiful first class accommodations, along with world class nurturing spa treatments daily
  • Personal Mentoring in an intimate group setting of no more than 10
  • Life changing, restorative Miraval adventures where we will explore not only the beauty of the outer landscape but the inner landscape as well
  • Plenty of free time for reflection, sitting at the pool over looking the Santa Catalina Mountains or just spending time at the spa in quiet contemplation sipping nourishing tea writing in ones journal.
  • Evening 4 course gourmet dinner sessions together

You will gain

  • A clearer connection to your intuition and to your authentic self
  • Clarity
  • Practices and perceptual tools for everyday embodiment
  • Enhanced creativity and connection
  • Aliveness, presence and vitality
  • Learning how to #spirittrack the moment – moving from looking to seeing
  • One on one mentoring
  • A surrendering to the Flow- getting back to your Essence and learning how to trust it’s guidance

The Flow Retreat at Miravel Resort was, in a word, transformative, on so many levels. Miravel is a beautiful, peaceful place that just by it’s nature, moves you into a quiet, mindful state. In the Flow Retreat, Phyllis taught me how to tap into my own intuition, to get in touch with my own body’s wisdom and what it holds…and then trusting it to be true. Phyllis has developed the most unique methods…ranging from dance and movement to rapid-fire journaling…(and even zip lining!) to help move you out of your small thinking mind and into your body to become fully aware and present. The work is deep. I could feel the layers being pulled away and filters blown off. You go there….getting to the root of any problems or blockages. Phyllis is such a unique and beautiful soul. In her presence… it all comes out and then the work can begin. She is with you every step of the way. At the end of the retreat, nothing looked the same to me anymore. Truly, a transformative experience.

Nicole Sanders Former Scientist, Photographer, Artist

3 Day Miraval FLOW Retreat

3 Day Miraval FLOW Retreat